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Angular read file from assets

Read Local JSON Files In Angular 8/9

Those files are referred to as assets. Today we will see how we can configure Angular CLI to copy assets to the output directory and what sort of configuration is available. Files which need to be served by AngularCLI must be registered under assets in the.

When we first boostrap a project, there are two places registered under assets :. This makes the whole content of assets folder and favicon. This is useful if we need to serve some images which we can place under assets. It can also be used to serve static html pages, for example if we need to host an extra file used to handle redirect, redirect.

The root of assets is the src folder, set above. The best way to understand how to configure the AngularCLI is to have a look at its json schema located under.

The interesting part is the itemswhich is oneOf a string or and object. The string is what we discussed in 1which is placing folder and files to be served directly from root. The object is more interesting, as we can see that it has 3 properties:.

For example, we could have download a library via npm, for example my-lib which we wish to:. Specifying the glob pattern will allow to filter only js files and copied it back to a folder specific to the my-lib. Today we saw how to configure assets to be copied over to the output directory. We saw two different ways supported by AngularCLI, one via direct name of file or directory and the second one by specifying a glob pattern.

It is also useful for images or static files in general. See you later! Is it possible to use the input for assets given a pattern or do we need to specify each one? I mean something to get the same path for differents modules like: "input": ". I am trying but getting unlucky. Post a Comment.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. I have made sure that my angular-cli. Assets folder directly under src directory HTML is typical.

Image is Here is a minimal example Hope this helps! But don't know why it's not able find the image on browser. Anyone please help!!!

Here is the version of angular cli and browser-platform. If u'r project is in E drive follow below change this location. U will be able to see the loaded assets folder to the browser under sources tab in chrome developer tools. I tried the solution avinashdv proposed and it worked. You need to make sure all the folders of your project's path have no : [] or ".

I am still having this issues.

angular read file from assets

I see it in the dist for prod build, but local dev server isn't serving it up. Assets not loading after --prod build and then deployed to firebase? All other projects deployed successfully in the past? Trying to solve this, but i think ill have to back to prior cli version.

I still trying!We currently have the default Bulma logo in our header. This won't be good long term because if Bulma ever decided to change that URL, then our app's logo would stop working. It's also a better idea to store this within our project folder so that all assets are served from our same domain. Less round trips means better performance and Google PageSpeed score. Remember when we used the npm run build or ng build --prod command? Angular CLI moved all of our assets into the dist folder.

It will do the same when it sees that there are images inside the assets folder. All we have to do is reference these images in our templates with a path that starts inside the src folder. The assets folder that the Angular CLI generated for us is the perfect place to use for storing images. Go ahead and save that to our assets folder inside of an img folder. I've named mine angular-logo. Let's also change the color of our header to be a darker color. Our entire assets folder has been moved over to the dist folder now!

The path will also work since we referenced it from within the src folder. Now it's just referencing from within the dist folder. Like this article? Follow chrisoncode on Twitter. Code Demo. Let's go grab the Angular logo from angular. Next Lesson: Creating the Home Page.In this post, Premier Developer consultant Laurie Atkinson walks through how to allow editing of your Angular configuration files after your app has been built, bundled, and deployed.

The Angular-CLI is the recommended way to build a production-ready app, complete with bundling, uglifying, and tree-shaking. An Angular-CLI generated application even comes with a mechanism for creating environment-specific versions.

This post provides the steps and code samples for using a JSON configuration file, which can be customized for multiple environments. The use of interfaces in an Angular app provides intellisense and type-safety for your entities. For this example, refer to this sample configuration file.

angular read file from assets

A convenient place to store configuration files is under the assets folder of your project. Using the interface defined above, sample files could look as follows:.

They will still be used, but contain only the environment name. This service will read the correct config file and store the result in a static field in this class. In the app module, use this token to invoke the load method in our config service. Since our method returns a promise, Angular will delay the initialization until the promise is resolved.

The config settings are now available from anywhere in the application and they include type-checking provided by the interface. Note: to build a production version of the app using an environment name other than prod, use this command:. Link to Portuguese version of this article. Log in to join the discussion.

Hi guys, nice tutorial, thanks! The customer I worked with was using Octopus Deploy which has an option for setting up variables in a step. But endpoint2 works just fine. Is this expected behavior? And if so, why is that?

Angular 8 Tutorial - Part 27 - How to use External JS File in Angular 8

Is it because the config service is also injectable? Then its not really a config file at all if its baked into the app at build time This is a bad strategy and a bad pattern.

A good solution would be to build the app once, and have that one build that you can deploy on any environment with an External config file that it reads.

It is a huge pain for devops and an anti-pattern to take one codebase and re-build the app 7 times with 7 different commands.

angular read file from assets

I should be able to build it once, deploy it anywhere I want, and edit the config along side or after the deployment.JSON or JavaScript Object Notation, as you know is a data format that allows you to conveniently store and share data using any medium. JSON is language independent and can be easily bind with any kind of application. I have saved the data in a file named Birds. I am hoping that you have already setup Angular 4 in your computer. If not, then please read this post. It will guide you with the setup procedure.

Open cmd prompt and go to the folder where you want to create your project. Type this command …. Save the file inside the assets folder. First, open app. Adding this service to our project will ensure that we have access to the Get method and its properties, which we need to access files in the server and read its contents.

Open app. I have declared an array named arrBirds of type string. You can now launch the server, ng serve --oto check if there are no errors. Save the file. Go the browser to check the output. You can add in-line style to your table or add few classes in your app. I am using Angular 4 HttpClient service in my example, so I can have access to the Get methodusing which I can access any file in the server, read the file and populate the data in an Array.

Please enable JavaScript to view this page properly. Like this Article? Subscribe now, and get all the latest articles and tips, right in your inbox. Delivered by FeedBurner.Then we need to a. I have already created new. Then paste this TextFile. Then go to MainActivity. Firstly we have to define Button and Text View in here. Tags: android read assets folder android studio read text file android tutorials how to read text file in android how to read txt file in assets folder read txt file in android write textView from text file.

Your email address will not be published. Net 0. In this post we are going to learn how to make read text file in Android Studio. Firstly we are going to create new android project like this. AppCompatActivity; import android.

stories asset configuration

Bundle; import android. View; import android. Button; import android. EditText; import android. TextView; import android. Toast; import java. IOException; import java. AppCompatActivity. Bundle. View. Button.

EditText. TextView. Toast. IOException. InputStream .GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project?

Android – Read Text File From Assets Folder in Android Studio

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Adding an Image/Logo in Angular

Short, explicit instructions make it much more likely we'll be able to reproduce the problem so we can fix it. If the problem persists, please open a new issue following our submission guidelines. A good way to make a minimal repro is to create a new app via ng new repro-app and adding the minimum possible code to show the problem. Then you can push this repository to github and link it here. This issue has been automatically locked due to inactivity. Please file a new issue if you are encountering a similar or related problem.

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