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Kumkum bhagya 25 tarik 2019

Kundali Bhagya transl. The fate of our stars [1] is an Indian romantic drama television series that premiered 12 July on Zee TV. It had the largest weekday Hindi fiction launch across all GECs in Preeta meets the Luthra family when she becomes a physiotherapist to their matriarch whose younger grandson Karan shares a conflicting relation with Preeta while the elder grandson Rishabh shares a cordial relation with her and slowly starts developing one sided feelings for her.

Rishabh is not convinced with the idea of marriage. When Preeta convinces Rishabh, he agrees to marry Sherlyn Khurana in an apparent misunderstanding, assuming it to be Preeta. Sherlyn realizes his affections for Preeta and vows to get Preeta out of her life. After Rishabh and Sherlyn get engaged, Preeta realises Sherlyn isn't the girl everyone thinks.

She finds out Sherlyn has a boyfriend and confides her doubts to Karan. At first, Karan belittles and calls Preeta a gold digger, but because the matter concerns Rishabh, he checks for evidence himself and is convinced of the truth. Karan and Preeta join forces in their mission to save Rishabh from Sherlyn and their alliance slowly blossoms into friendship, then to love. Preeta's engagement gets fixed with Sherlyn's boyfriend Prithvi Malhotra.

Karan and Rishabh are both uneasy with Prithvi and soon realizes that he isn't right for her. Karan and Preeta try innumerable times to get evidence against Sherlyn. He and Rishabh try to convince Preeta and her family about Prithvi. However, despite all the efforts by Preeta at Rishabh and Sherlyn's wedding to actually stop it from happening, Rishabh and Sherlyn get married.


Karan vowed that if Rishabh's life was ruined by Preeta, he would seek revenge. He humiliatingly drags Preeta out of the Luthra house after Rishabh's wedding. Karan believes that Preeta is a gold-digger and has taken money from Sherlyn to ruin Rishabh's life. Karan humiliates Preeta after Rishabh's wedding and drags her out of the Luthra house. Rishabh although tries to talk sense into him but he doesn't listen.

At Preeta's wedding with Prithvi, Karan does a groom swap and marries her without her consent. He convinces her and her entire family that his reason for marrying Preeta was love. It is revealed Karan married Preeta just for taking revenge as he believes Preeta betrayed him by joining hands with Sherlyn.

He leaves Preeta after the wedding. He gets engaged to Mahira Khanna to humiliate Preeta further. Karan although initially reluctant to marry Mahira agrees to the proposal once he see's that Preeta has sent an alimony notice, which further cements his belief that Preeta is really after his money.

kumkum bhagya 25 tarik 2019

The notice in reality was sent by Sherlyn. In order to take further revenge Karan humiliates Preeta a few more time in different wedding functions he has with Mahira. Rishabh tries to convince many a times that Preeta is not the type of person who is after money, but Karan has no trust on her in the matter. On the Karan's wedding day, Preeta hears Sherlyn and Mahira planning to kill Mahesh after the wedding because he knows their truth.

Preeta does a bride swap and marries Karan to save Mahesh.She follows the man to find out who he is. Kenneth Carneiro.

Kundali Bhagya 22 January 2019 written update of full episode: Karan and Preeta come closer

She then goes to a small window to spy on Pragya. She sees Pragya crying and telling a strange man that she missed him. Rishi takes Shahana away from there again. Pragya hugs Abhi and asks her if she will let him meet his daughter. Ranbir tries to tell Rhea that he is not falling for Prachi.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (13/2/2020)

However Rhea refuses to believe him. She goes out to take a cab and go to office. She sees Shahana standing there with Rishi and arguing. Shahana wants to go home but Rishi takes her outside. Pragya comes out of her room and says that the house is empty and her daughter left. Abhi and Pragya get romantic when no one is at home. Abhi decides to leave and return with Rhea. He hugs Pragya one last time and Sarita opens the door.

She sees Pragya hugging a man and shuts the door. Shahana and Rishi are on the road arguing when Priyanka sees them from her car. Abhi tries to make it up to Rhea after he tried to hit her the previous night. Rhea goes away without talking to him. She is unable to see his face properly. She asks Pragya who came to their house.

kumkum bhagya 25 tarik 2019

Pragya avoids answering saying she is going shopping. Sarita joins Pragya in shopping where someone tries to steal her purse. Sarita calls for help and someone stops him, when Taapsee Pannu and Bhumika Pednekar take back the purse. Will Abhi get Rhea to meet Pragya?Hugely popular astrologer Acharya Indu Praksh reveals the connection between your celestial mechanics and the terrestrial dynamics. The show has specific segments dedicated to horoscope, numerological fortune, moon sign predictions etc.

The show ends with tips of the day, apprising viewers on luck time of the day on the basis astrological science. Viewers can dial or to know their Bhavishyavani. Saurav Sharma Archana Singh. Pankaj Bhargava. Surbhi Bhutani. Meenakshi Joshi. Railways to run superfast special trains between Howrah-Yesvantpur daily Check timings, stoppages.

Truecaller announces new features for Android, iOS: All you need to know. Anil Kapoor's latest post on fitness is truly inspirational and awesome In Pics. Bihar Assembly Poll: How is the poll fever in Madhubani? As election fever in Bihar rise, here is what people of Jamui and Bettiah think about the candidates. Bihar Polls Nitish Kumar to crowd 'don't create nuisance', after Lalu Zindabad chants at rally. Pushpam Priya promises 'total transformation', 80 lakh jobs in Bihar election manifesto.

As Tejashwi, Chirag defend their fathers' legacies, others from political families take poll plunge. BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain tests positive for coronavirus. Delhi records 3, coronavirus cases; death toll reaches 6, Govt working on next economic stimulus package: Finance Ministry official. Govt relaxes import norms for onion to boost domestic supply, check prices. Varun Dhawan's home is a blend of modernity and eclectic luxury. See videos, photos. Sushant's sister urges to feed the hungry keeping late actor in mind: Best pious way to show support.

Right nutrition increases physical, cognitive performance: Study. Coronavirus can cause male infertility: Study. Effective ventilation key factor to stop Covid spread: Study. Air pollution in India caused over 1. Health effects of air pollution, according to WHO. Netflix to soon allow for free weekend access in India: Know how. Jio achieves 1Gbps of 5G speeds as effort to bring 5G to India begins. Apple rolls out iOS Joe Biden's path to President and his year career with the White House.

Pope Francis becomes 1st Pope to voices support for same-sex civil unions. Imran Khan-led Pakistan govt heading towards worst political crisis: What we know.

Pakistan coronavirus mortality rate increases by per cent, govt warns new lockdown.Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala transl.

Kullfi Kumarr the musician is an Indian musical drama television series which aired from 19 March to 7 February on Star Plus. It is a remake of the Bengali television series Potol Kumar Gaanwala.

It has also been remade in Sinhala as Sakuge Kathawa on the local channel Swarnavahini. In past, budding singer Sikandar Singh Gill fell in love with Nimrat Kaur, a village simpleton and they got secretly married. He was forced to choose Nimrat or his career. Sikandar accepted the latter and left Nimrat. He married the rich Loveleen "Lovely" Chaddha but was unaware that Nimrat is pregnant. Later, Lovely delivered a daughter named Amyra Singh Gill and spoiled her. Elsewhere, Nimrat's daughter Kullfi who is unaware about Sikandar, aspires to be a singer just like him.

Nimrat resides in her village Pathankot with Kullfi, her brother Sattu and sister-in-law Nihalo who hates Kullfi and Nimrat but wants to cash in on Kullfi's talent. Nimrat is affected by cancer. One day while looking for Kullfi, she is hit by Lovely's car and dies.

As Nihalo plans to sell Kullfi off for her talent, Sattu helps her to escape. Disguised as a boy, Kullfi arrives in Mumbai and accidentally reaches Sikandar's house. Lovely keeps her deciding to use her voice, to make Amyra successfully singer. Later, Sikandar discovers that Lovely has made Amyra lip-sync to Kullfi's voice. During a fight, Lovely accidentally discloses that Nimrat bore Sikandar a daughter but gets him to promise that he won't go looking out for her.

Sikandar's brother Mahinder decides to help him out. Sikandar decides to teach music to Amyra and Kullfi. Mahinder finds out that Kullfi is Sikander's daughter but is forced by their mother Sushila to keep the secret. Enters Tevar Singh, a successful singer and Lovely's ex-boyfriend. It is revealed that Amyra is Lovely and Tevar's daughter through their past affair.

Kullfi meets with an accident and is taken to the hospital where Sikandar comes to know that she is a girl. Lovely discovers Kullfi's truth and threatens Mahinder that she will kill herself and Amyra if he reveals the truth about Kullfi's parentage to Sikander.

Lovely misleads Tevar into believing that Kullfi is their child and Nimrat had adopted her. Emotional with the knowledge that Kullfi is his daughter, Tevar decides to formally adopt her.

Lovely's plan works and Kullfi leaves to live with Tevar. Mahinder's wife Gunjan eavesdrops on Lovely's conversation and learns the truth.But recently a dullness has emerged in its recent last games whereas Eizespor also doing the same as its opponent in the league.

According to the latest stats both the teams are at an equal position. According to the latest weather report which forecasts that the weather is clear it must be a little cloudy but there will be no chances of rain.

The team has played a total of 25 matches in till yet in the tournament out of which the team won a total of 9 matches and the team has an equal number of losses. Whereas the rest of 8 matches resulted in a tie.

Kumkum Bhagya 25 June 2019 Preview: Pragya Refuses To Talk To Disha?

According to the latest stats based on its last 5 matches. The team won only one match and lost three of its matches and one had got draw. While coming to Rizespor the team ranked in the last positions of the point table, the team has played a total of 25 matches out of which the team has won only 7 matches and lost 14 of its matches while 4 matches resulted in a draw.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Recover your password. Thursday, October 22, Forgot your password? Get help. Social Telecast. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! October 21, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya transl. Set in Rajkotthe series was filmed in Mumbai. Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 premiered on 19 October The story starts with Kokila Modi's search for a perfect bride for her son Ahem.

She chooses Gopi as her daughter-in-law. Ahem leaves his girlfriend Anita for his mother without knowing that Gopi is illiterate. This makes Rashi and Urmila jealous and they plan in between Rashi falls for Jigar, Ahem's cousin brother. Soon, Ahem-Gopi and Jigar-Rashi tie the wedding knot. But Ahem rejected to accept Gopi as his wife after knowing she is illiterate.

Rashi and Urmila plots against Gopi to ruin her married life even more. However, Kokila makes Gopi a literate and self-confident woman and after many of failed plots by Urmila and Rashi, Ahem finally accepts Gopi.

In between, Ahem's sister, Kinjal marries Dhaval Urmila's nephew. Gopi finds her long-lost alive parents. Her younger sister Radha falls in love with Anita's brother Umang who vows to avenge the Modi family for Anita's bitterness. Umang marries Radha despite being already married to his accomplice Tripti who later kills him accidentally.

Radha thinks Gopi is responsible for Umang's demise and plots against her by throwing Meera in the river. Kokila holds Gopi responsible and the latter leaves the Modi mansion. In between Gopi finds that she is Pregnant. Gopi is raising her second daughter Vidya single-handedly. She is an art teacher. Kokila and Ahem are in depression. Rashi is the new matriarch of Modi family. Eventually, Gopi and Ahem finds out Meera never died, but grew up as an orphan and retrieves her.

Then, the whole family is reunited. Tripti, who is now released from jail plots with Radha, in between Kokila Memories loss,but later she gain her memories and Radha and Tripti's true colours are revealed and are sent to jail. Everyone celebrates Meera Returns in Family Later, Rashi sacrifices her life to save Gopi from the latter's obsessed colleague Anurag Joshi, who was in love with her.

In force of family, Jigar later gets married to Rashi's cousin, Paridhi.You can change your city from here. We serve personalized stories based on the selected city.

Bigg Boss Shehzad Deol gets evicted midweek; becomes second eliminated contestant on the show after Sara Gurpal. Bigg Boss Karanvir Bohra comes out in Rubina Dilaik's support; justifies her outburst saying 'I love Salman Khan but his humour can be condescending'.

kumkum bhagya 25 tarik 2019

Bigg Boss Complaining against host Salman Khan to lashing out at seniors; times when Rubina Dilaik made strong statements. Bigg Boss Kamya Panjabi wishes 'leader' Sidharth Shukla could get better team members; asks fans to not worry as he has already won BB From husband's alcoholism to his absconding after their Goa trip: Bigg Boss Tamil 3 fame Vanitha Vijaykumar opens up on her broken marriage with Peter Paul.

Do you know singer-reality show judge Anuradha Sriram played superstar Rajinikanth's daughter in a movie? Uppum Mulakum siblings, Rishi and Shivani stun as Harlequin and Joker in their latest photoshoot; see pics. Team Super 4 to pay a tribute to S. Balasubrahmanyam; judge Jyotsna says, 'his demise felt to be the loss of one of our family member'.

Dad-to-be Srinish Aravind: I rushed from the sets to feel the movement of our baby, it was surreal. Actor Shri reacts to North Karnataka floods; asks, "Why can't we and the government help the victims instead of spending too much on Dasara? Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community.

Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. I gave my phone to the cabbie walked afar and walked back for this picture Now, we have exclusively learnt that it is indeed a November wedding for the couple and we have got confirmed news that Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar will be getting married on November 22 in Mumbai.

The actor shared a video with wife Poonam on his Instagram handle.

kumkum bhagya 25 tarik 2019

The couple looks adorable together and we wish them a very happy wedding anniversary. Kasautii Zindagii Kay actor Parth Samthaan shared a picture on his Instagram and has shocked fans with his drastic transformation. This latest pic from his weight loss journey is truly inspiring.

Now, two other judges, Mika Singh and Akriti Kakar have reportedly tested positive for the virus too. Now playing. Reminder Successfully Set! Select a City Close. Your current city: Mumbai Mumbai search close.

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